Who is This?

By Pastor Chip Hammond
   “Who is this?” It was a funny question. They knew who he was. Why, one of them – Philip – had said to his brother, “We have found him of whom Moses and also the Prophets wrote.” And yet in the aftermath of the storm that they felt sure would scuttle their boat and take their lives, they were faced afresh with this One at whose rebuke the wind and waves obeyed, they were compelled to ask it again. “Who is this?”
    As the air turns cold, and frost kisses the ground; as the smell of pumpkin pie and seasonal spice, along with the welcome warmth and soft light that greets you as you come in from the cold air of a dark afternoon; and as you get down from the attic those traditions which you haven’t seen since last Advent season; I pray that you may be compelled to turn your thoughts toward Whom and what this season celebrates, and ask again, “Who is this?” and wonder again that He is the One of whom Moses and all the Prophets wrote.

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